We are family:MC2 in Taipei

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15-taipei_city_hallWhen a theatre in the very centre of Taipei City decided it needed a change of direction, if turned to MC2 Taiwan distributor, Super Light Technology, to help plan and specify what was required.  Housed in a governmental administrative building, it was previously designed to be used just as an auditorium for government employees, for seminars and meetings only.

Some renovation work was undertaken in 2002 to turn it into more of a public theatre space, and the name was also changed to reflect this – it became “Family Theatre” and there was a shift towards use for children’s plays and more family orientated productions.

Following on from this successful reinvention, late in 2014 it was decided that improvements could be made which would focus on the acoustics, redecoration, and new seats – so most of the front of house facilities.  Additionally, some reconstruction of the third floor balcony was undertaken to improve it and its seating arrangements.

Super Light Technology recommended replacing the main speaker system, and supplied a new mixing console as well as all amplification to drive the new system courtesy of MC2.

15-taipei_family_theatre_stageT Series amplifiers were chosen for the job, for their rare combination of outstanding sound quality, but offering great value for money and long term reliability.  The main system, comprising two hangs of 8 SLS LS8800 Line Array elements and 4 LSB8115 Line Array Subs, plus a pair of 112RT-I front fills, is driven by nine T2000 and a pair of T3500 amplifiers.

The four stage monitors are driven by a pair of T1500 amplifiers and comprise 4 Q208 wedges.

Following the installation and improvements to the overall acoustic performance of the theatre, so confident were Super Light Technology in their work, that they requested a third party analysis by an academic institution.  Their tests revealed a level uniformity through the venue of +2dB – a great result.  With the theatre’s emphasis on “affection, love and warmth”, there is sure to be a warm reception by the audience at the first reopening performance!