Returns Information

All our products are covered by a 5 year warranty and we hope you won’t ever have to send us anything back for repair. However, should something need to come back please follow the instructions below to ensure this happens quickly and smoothly, so you get your equipment back as soon as possible.

Obsolete Units Notification – As Of Jan 2018

Please note that, due to obsolescence of many parts of older amplifier designs, we can no long service or repair the following models:
MC 450, MC650, MC750,MC1250
TQ440, TQ425  (Turbosound branded MC Series)
AP800, AP1300 (Quested branded MC Series)

We still have a limited supply of some spares, so please email to enquire and we will try our best to help!

Service Request Form – Important!

Please print out a copy of the service request form and fill it in, including this with your equipment- even if you have been in contact about the return beforehand, things will happen faster if there’s a reminder in the box!

Please note – If you have any urgencies these need to be clearly indicated in advance of us receiving products back.  We cannot always guarantee fast-track requests but we will do our utmost to satisfy them where possible.  Standard turn around time for repairs/servicing now is 4 week’s from date of receipt.  Labour charge is £60 per hour for non-warranty servicing/repairs.

All returns must be accompanied by this form and we cannot process any returns without this.

Get the form here.


Warranty Information

Please click here to read a summary of our warranty and costs of repairs (where applicable).


Returns from the UK

No additional special instructions.


Returns from outside the UK (including EU from 01/01/2021)

Every consignment that enters the UK will need to be accompanied by a commercial invoice. Please click here for a template that you can use if you do not already have one. An extremely important piece of information that needs to be displayed on the invoice is the following:

-IPR (INWARD PROCESSING RELIEF) – Invoice wording required for correct UK temporary import.


XTA ELECTRONICS LTD trading as MC2 AUDIO – IPR authorisation number IP/0920/898/23”

Please note this IPR authorisation number has changed as of March 2018 so update any template documents you may have or you may be liable for charges we incur from incorrect importation.

Please use commodity code 8518400090 for amplifiers, and 8543700600 for anything else (Ti1048, BoBs).

PLEASE NOTE: The value that you use on your invoice is what the shipment will be insured for, so please make sure you use the correct value for replacement.  Do not undervalue the goods.  We will return the goods with a “re-export invoice” of the same value that you used when sending to us, as the temporary import/re-export values need to match up.

Please make sure that you familiarise yourself with your local customs procedure/process for sending repairs to other countries (non-EU).  You will need to do a “temporary export for repair” often known as “outward processing relief” or similar.  This will ensure that when the goods are re-imported back to you, there are no DUTY/VAT/TAXES due to be paid.  Although the process in many countries is similar, it is not identical.  The above invoice wording is relevant for the UK import – you may need additional text/wording to engage a temporary export in your territory.  Our advise is to speak to your forwarder/courier or a customs broker/agent for more detailed information.  If this process is not handled correctly there may be charges due (VAT/DUTY) when you get the goods back (re-import).

In addition to the above please make sure that you notify us in advance when you are sending a unit for repair from outside the EU. We need to know the shipping method (courier name) and the tracking number (if applicable) so we can pre-notify the shipping company of the temporary import instructions.

If you are sending goods back via a national postal service instead of using a courier, please make sure that you complete a CN23 customs declaration form (in addition to a shipping invoice) that CLEARLY states that the goods are for “TEMPORARY IMPORT INTO UK UNDER IPR TERMS: CPC CODE – 5100000”.  This needs to be stuck to the outside of the parcel and easily viewable.

Download a part completed CN23 form here.

Please make sure that you complete sections: “From” & 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.  Please also include a commercial invoice on the outside of the carton, and sign section 15.   Any questions please contact us.

Failure to adhere to the above instructions could result in costs from customs/shipping companies being incurred by MC2, which may then be passed on to YOU, the customer.

It is also extremely important for you the customer, to make sure that you are aware of the process in your country for temporary exporting and re-importing of goods for repair, as the rules/procedures/CPC codes will more than likely differ to that of the UK’s.