South African Delta – Nothing To Do with Okavango…

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The scene is set. Then the scene is switched. Just like that.

Our South African distributors, Audiosure, recently undertook a huge demo day for Martin Audio’s extensive speaker ranges, encompassing both active and passive models and used Delta amplifiers to not only power the passive systems, but also perform DSP duties where required in bi or tri amped systems.

Neets by name, neat by nature – the TanGo can sit at the centre of a control system with ease.

This in itself might not be seen as so remarkable, seeing as Audiosure distribute both brands, but where it gets interesting is in their use of the independent aux outputs on the Delta DSP amps, which they additionally used to drive all the active systems.  The aux outputs can be separately controlled and have separate memories if required so you can recall just the power amp channels and associated DSP, or recall the aux channels without disturbing the power amp configurations.

The slickness to this system and their clever configuration was the timely use of the simple remote protocol, just released in firmware version 1.26.  Utilising the services of a Neets controller with their elegant and clear iPad GUI that can be programmed to perform multitude of functions, from relay control to serial data transmission, Brendan Venter, Technical Manager, and his colleagues set up a neat (sic) interface to allow all the Delta amps in use to be instantly reconfigured via preset recalls at the touch of a button on screen.

Well specified with I-O, direct hardware and serial data can be transmitted at the press of a button…

“The programming of the GUI was a breeze and using the Delta’s simple remote protocol to integrate the automation of scene changes and switching to different systems was great for us!” enthused Brendan.

Simple reliable scene switching.

Find out more here and how it could make all the difference, elevating a basic install into something much more sophisticated (works with Delta and XTA DPAs)!

Deltas in control of the system, both the passive and the active elements of the demo.

Brendan concludes: “The latest firmware update incorporating the Simple Remote Protocol has been a real help, and I can imagine it proving very useful to installers everywhere when they need crucial feature adjustment such as gains, mutes and scene changes.”

Audiosure are distributors of both MC2 and XTA products in South Africa.


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