HS E (exclusive) Series


Designed for use at home in a high end Hi-Fi application where transparency and “no compromise“ performance are the focus.  The HS Series deliver the sound quality and reliability expected from MC².

The HS Series E (Exclusive!) are designed specifially for the high end Hi-Fi market and feature high qulaity binding posts on the rear along with a Hi-Fi grade C13 IEC mains inlet connector.  The HS Series utilises the best complimentary AB bipolar output stages, combined with the unique MC² current driven floating drive stage along with analogue level controls for minimal signal degradation.
Sophisticated “side-chain” limiters prevent distortion and speaker damage, but are out-of-circuit  until the onset of clipping so do not compromise the signal path under normal working conditions.
A bespoke high fidelity shielded toroidal power supply combined with intelligently controlled low noise fans provide optimum conditions for the output stages, ensuring the only thing you will ever hear is your sound.
All MC² Audio products are covered by a 5 year warranty.

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