Need we say more? Glowing S Series Review in a HiFi Setting!

Posted by | March 31, 2020 | | 2 Comments

We can’t think of anything to add to this amazing review that came in (totally unprompted) from an S Series user. It reads like a HiFi mag review, so we only felt it fitting that we format it like one!



  • Joel Tatelman says:

    I, too, use the S800—and also the S1400—in a home audio system. That was after selling my MC750 to a friend. I also use a “high-end” preamplifier, in my case the Accustic Arts Hybrid Tube Preamplifier II Mk 2.

    I concur with the “Your HI-FI” reviewer as regards the superb audio quality of MC2’s S-series power amplifiers.

    But I appear to be more irritated by the fans than the reviewer was—in short, they drive me crazy! Especially since the MC750’s fans were not only quieter, but frequently turned off. By contrast, once the fans in the S800 and S1400 start up, they NEVER turn off or slow down. Which is to say, the fans don’t seem at all “intelligent” to me.

    So that’s my love-hate relationship with the S-series amps: love the audio quality, love the vast power reserves in my 18,000 cubic foot listening room, prefer SpeakOn connectors to the traditional binding posts—but hate the fans!

    • waring says:

      Hi Joel,

      Thanks for the feedback! I believe all you would need is to fit the special low noise fans to the unit in place of the standard ones. There are 2 or 4 depending on the unit usually. If you want to email me your details I can arrange for this ? (

      Thanks, Mark.

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