Music Hall Overhaul Tainan

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15_xinying_tainan culture eventThe Xinying Cultural Centre in Tainan City has been a hub for arts, music and performance since it was established over thirty years ago in October 1983. Since then, it has seen several phases of extra development, most significantly just two years after its official opening, with the addition of a music hall, seating close to 1000 people.

15_xinying_across road front view

The music hall opened its doors to the public in 1986, and has been in use ever since, hosting not just music and arts performances, but also being used for conference and public forum and discussion events.

However, three years ago, there was an additional renovation of the stage performance equipment which unfortunately has proved, in the interim, not to be sufficiently high quality to satisfy the almost constant bookings the hall receives.

Coming right up to date, a further refit of the audio and video equipment has resulted in MC2 being specified for all amplification duties,  to ensure that this time, things are done correctly and to a very high specification!

15_xinying_main rack

The stage monitoring also uses MC2 amplification in the form of a T Series T1500 to drive the wedges.

15_xinying_stage i_o rack

The entire system has been brought totally up to date with the inclusion of Dante audio networking via a Yamaha console and stage box. Extensive video production and monitoring equipment has also been added to allow recordings of performances to be made,  and important discussion events to be archived.

15_xinying_control room

Even before the refit was complete, performance groups had begun to enquire about making bookings, resulting in an
almost full schedule as soon as the doors reopened, and feedback from performers has been wholly positive.

The music hall has set a new standard for the Cultural Affairs Bureau in the city and MC2 are delighted to have been a part of this!

15_xinying_stage view