MC2 News from Taiwan

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taiwan2MC2 Audio distributor in Taiwan, Superlight Technology, recently won the contract to supply and install a professional  audio system to the Kaohsiung Municipal Social Education Center, a cultural and physical activity centre for young people.

The Kaohsiung Municipal Social Education Center in Taiwan opened in June 1995 with the mission to provide diverse social education resources such as knowledge, leisure activities, arts and life-long learning, all to promote a more peaceful and optimistic society.

To celebrate the consolidation of Kaohsiung County and Kaohsiung Municipality as one entity, the local government formulated an improvement plan for the Social Education Center, the focus of which was to improve the audio equipment and seating in the performance hall.

A total of 1180 new, multistep seats have been installed in the auditorium, while an MC2 Audio driven McCauley loudspeaker system provides superb quality sound for the venue.

A combination of MC2 Audio E45s, E25s, E4-75 and T1500 drive the McCauley main system, comprising 8 McCauley N90 line arrays and 2 NS1 line array bass speaker on each side of the stage, with 4 McCauley A6 for front fill. FBT provided the stage system with 4 of their Verve 2M stage monitors, amplification by 2 MC2 Audio T1500s. Processing is provided by the McCauley M408 digital processor and mixing is through the Soundcraft MH2-48.

Mr. C.J. Chien of Superlight Technology told MC2 Audio: ‘McCauley line array speakers have high power and high efficiency and we chose to drive them with MC2 Audio large current output amplifiers for an ideal result. After completion of the whole system, they did sound test and revised the house equalization just a little. The sound pressure level and the coverage is even throughout the auditorium and the owner is very satisfied with that. The in-house engineer has also commented on the excellent system dynamics.’