MC2 have Totally Lost It!

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14_tli_event_setup_webStarting out with a (romantic?!) gig on Valentine’s night this year, the “Totally Lost It!” crew, spearheaded by promoter Jay Prescott decided to move venue to the Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Old Trafford, Manchester, after successful nights at a previous venue was bought by the city’s university.  The TLI nights have been in existence for over 10 years now and show no sign of waning in popularity, so with this in mind Sixth Sound – resposible for sound system deployment – decided they had to pull off something extra special at this new venue.

Bowlers have been hosting dance events for over 22 years, and this night had to up the stakes, encompassing five rooms and with a capacity of over five thousand people.  The main room comprised an Ohm system with 12 subs, being driven by E100 amplifiers (only three required!) and three mid-high boxes a side being driven by – in their own words – “luxury MC1250s”!

14_tli_oem_rack_setup_webThe major back room was 6 subs and 3 mid-his a side, with the amplifier arsenal being swapped to MC1250s (OEM branded) on the bass and E4-75s on mid-hi duty.

The systems were tuned with systune software using an Earthworks measurement microphone with the result that the venue manager commented that this was the best ever system he had heard in the room – high praise indeed with over 20 years of hosting this sort of event!



14_tli_rack_setup_webThe night was a resounding success and there has been positive feedback on-line via facebook as well as great comments form Sixthsound’s own Dominic Stafford who said “The system was effortless and I’m happy to say that the combination of amps worked a treat. I think the scale of the system really highlighted the hi-fi like quality of the 1250’s on mid/high particularly with the HD’s and the energy from the E100’s on bass. A winning combo for me.”

With more gigs already booked at Bowlers stretching through July to October and November, it sounds as if the these nights will just go on and on – like the amplification that powers them.

Last work goes to Dominic again:  “I have to say that the system sounded epic and a pleasure to listen to all night regardless of genre. It has left a lasting impression and we are looking forward to doing it again.”