Mac Arena Mar

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11-mac_arena-1Mac Arena Mar opened in Barcelona in April as the only authentic beach club on the sand by the ocean, combining the essence of Ibiza, Asian spirit, an irresistible gastronomic experience and musical programming with top international artists and DJs.

The beach parties have received wide coverage and support from an artistic program with top international DJ’s fresh from some of the best festivals and clubs in Europe. The participation of some of the most important specialized music labels on the planet have also helped promote this project – a spin-off from the renowned Macarena Club in the centre of the beautiful city of Barcelona.

Following on from previous years’ success, the challenges for 2011 have been focused on improving everything that has gone before, from food, facilities to sound and it is on this front that the decision was made to step up to Martin Audio and MC2 Audio.

11-mac_arena-2After several tests, the well-known Martin Audio Blackline Black+ Series speaker system was chosen, although in this case to fit in with the beach environment, they became white “Blackline”!

Given the area to cover, H3T+ (3-way) cabs were installed in the main dance area, along with the powerful WS218X subs. The dispersion characteristics of the Blackline+ systems is ideal for a beach club where the area to be covered can effectively be limitless…!

11-mac_arena-3During the quieter periods of the club, such as early evening dining, the system can be easily tailored to provide an environment where customers can chat and relax. In addition to the main system, three pairs of F12+ monitors provide clean and balanced coverage. These speakers are also used for the DJ monitors.

Clean reliable power for the Martin Audio system is courtesy of MC2 E Series amplification. The E Series has a proven track record in the world of touring and so is more than able to cope with the arduous conditions of a beach-side setting. E25 amps power the F12+ cabinets with E90 amps supplying over 4500W a side into 4 ohms into the subs, themselves capable of handling 8000W peak!

MC2 is also responsible for signal processing thanks to the new Ti-1048 with its mixing matrix, crossover and filter suites and two-stage limiters. Various presets have been designed using the iCore software package, ready for either timed recall or remote control, allowing the club mood to be changed either automatically or at the touch of a button.
This unusual and complex installation was carried out by Sonotech, a Catalan company based in Aiguafreda, with many high-class projects already under their belt.

Come to the beach this summer and experience the best in ocean-side sound!
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