Korea’s King of Clubs

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Situated beneath the  Ellui Hotel in Kangnam-Gu, Seoul, Club Ellui is like nothing ever seen before in Korea.  The new 4000 capacity club is a vast, multi-level space comprised of contrasting themes, from the ultra-modern snow-white interior of the upstairs White Zone lounge, down to the dark corners and throbbing sub-frequencies of the Black Zone below.

ellui_dj_vectorsEach week, its dance floors shake with thousands of Seoul’s most exclusive party-goers, while outside queues stretch for blocks as more wait to enter.  Top touring DJs, as well as the best of Korea’s dance music fraternity, play to a capacity crowd and a wealth of MC2, Funktion One and XTA equipment ensure that the walls tremble with the highest quality beats.

The main room comprises a huge Funktion One system of twelve Res5 cabs plus eight F218 subs – a formidable system for an outdoor event, never mind an indoor venue.  Even the DJ gets star treatment with a separate pair of Res2 enclosures and a pair of F118s subs.  It is without doubt the loudest monitoring set-up we’ve come across!

Looking out from the stage, performing DJs have a full view of Ellui’s main room.  The space comprises an expansive dance floor in front of the stage, overlooked by balconies along the right hand side.  The circular bar at the far end of the room has a VIP area above it known as the Sky Zone, complete with its own system.

Large doors beneath the balconies separate the darker Black Zone from the main area with yet another extensive, although smaller Funktion One installation and DJ booth.  The Black Zone can be joined to the main dance floor by opening up the doors at which point the two areas operate as one with a combined system capable of satisfying the most demanding clubber.

ellui_mainThe back wall of the Black Zone leads out to six separate VIP rooms each boasting yet more Funktion One ceiling mounted enclosures – one in each corner – plus its own dedicated MC2 T4-250 four channel amplifier – a sophisticated system that also allows VIP patrons to select their own music via built-in iPod docks, should they prefer.

The back of the main room houses a staircase that leads up to yet another radically different area – the White Zone.  With its “Tron Legacy” inspired clinical yet luxurious décor, it is a stark contrast to the moody Black Zone and the soft opulence of the VIP rooms.

Finally the main entrance corridor is kitted out with eight more Funktion One enclosures ensuring the music sounds as good in the queue as it does in every room of this super-club.

ellui_ampsUnsurprisingly the amplifiers and processing for this complex installation had to be of similar prestige and pedigree to the speaker systems, and the amp room houses vast array of MC2 amplification, totalling 44 separate amps, from the T4-250s used for the VIP rooms, through E Series (E15, E25, E45 and E475) as well as MC1250s.

All of this is controlled by X04A speaker management systems  – the OEM version of the XTA DP448.

The system was supplied and installed by Soundus, who is the MC2 distributor in Korea.  Mr Eddie Son, the man behind the club’s creation, has worked closely with Soundus every step of the way.    “Every week [since the club’s opening] they come down and tweak [the system] a little bit – now I think it’s perfect.  Soundus is working 100 per cent.”

It seems everyone is impressed with the outcome  – since the club’s recent opening Mr. Son observes that there have been “more than 10 DJs visiting and they’ve all loved the sound system.”

With Korean club culture being a relatively new phenomenon, we can only expect this is the first of many great clubs to come!

Thanks to Barney Jameson of Pro Audio Asia for the amp room photo.
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