Ink All Over Notts Club

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Opening just in time for the summer clubbers, the former Gatecrasher club right in the centre of Nottingham, UK, has had a spectacular refit, both cosmetically and technically – with the latter being courtesy of GDS Sound and Light.

To ensure that clubbers get the very best audio experience the all rooms in the club, including VIP bars and the four main rooms, have been fitted out with MC2 amplification and XTA processing. The four club areas, “Trash Mansion” (main room), “Neon” , “The Parlour” and “The Cocktail Bar”, have also benefitted from a speaker refit in the form of new Funktion One speaker systems.


The main room, “Trash Mansion”, has pulled out all the stops with a new F1 Evo6 system, being driven by a combination of MC2 E100, E90 and T2000 amplifiers, with bass being a combination of F215s (x4) and mammoth BR221 bass reflex direct radiating subs. This is all controlled and processed by an XTA DC1048 installation audio manager. DC1048s form the heart of the systems in the other three main rooms, with identical amp racks being used for these systems, comprising the processor driving a compact but powerful quad channel system made up of an E4-75 and an E100.


GDS Sound and Light took care of the install and Chris Gray, Technical Director, was very happy with the end result – “Ink has a lot to live up to after the success of the Gatecrasher brand, and as such, a lot of noise (!) is being made by them that they have fitted a brand new sound system and not just been in with the paint brushes!”. Indeed, all over their website, Ink are keen to point out that there are new systems in all the rooms, such is the perceived importance of the technological aspects of club audio these days.


Chris continues “Fitting systems of this quality level sends out a definitive message to all potential customers that they are serious about audio quality and fit the best available. Luxury extends way beyond the bar these days and all the rooms’ systems perform to an exceptionally high standard.”

The E4-75 and E100 quad channel line-up of E Series have also been joined by the E60, launched at ProLight and Sound this year, and comfortably satisfying the mid-power level in the range at 4 x 1500W into 4 Ohms.

With thanks to GDS Sound and Light for the photos and information.
Other images courtesy of Ink Nottingham.