Hills First Delta Demo Down Under

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XTA and MC2 are pleased to announce the appointment of Hills Limited as exclusive distributors across Australia.

With sites serving AV installers and production needs across Australia and New Zealand, Hills are a company with a wide-ranging knowledge base, spanning audio, healthcare and the security industry.   The high technology elements usage in all these sectors made them a great fit to take over distribution for MC2 and XTA, and they’ve not been slow in commissioning their first major showcase of the Delta Series amplifiers from MC2, close to their headquarters’ home in Sydney.

The Wesley Theatre, an 800-capacity tiered theatre in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, is part of the larger Wesley Conference Centre built in 1991, and owned by the Wesley Mission, a Christian aid and worship organisation.

Blake Kirby, General Manager of AV for Hills, explained how the venue’s “temporary refit” came about:

Blake Kirby
Hills Audio
General Manager AV Product Practice

“The equipment in the main theatre had not really received much attention since the original installation, over 25 years ago, and we didn’t want to be showing off all this new tech, using an old creaky PA so so it was time go back to the drawing board.  A major shot in the arm was called for, and this is exactly what we’ve been able to deliver through the use of these new Delta amplifiers from MC2, which are just incredible!”

Hills also distribute Community loudspeakers, and Blake was keen to make use of the latest FIR filtering capabilities of the Delta DSP amplifiers, and approached Community to provide bespoke settings for the system.

“As part of the process, we were hoping to also demonstrate the latest Community system alongside the Delta amplifiers, so with the possibility of such a critical audience in the form of an invited guest list of key installers and audio consultants, the system needed to perform.”

Blake continued:

“After some Ease analysis to get us the coverage we required, we realised we could power the entire system with just four amplifiers!  Community were able to send us the FIR data to include in the presets we created for the Delta DSP amps, and it was a quick painless process to program these up through AudioCore [the remote software application from XTA and MC2 that covers control and monitoring of Delta DSP amplifiers, as well as DPA and APA amplifiers from XTA].”



The stage is set – entire system configured and controlled with just 4 Delta amplifiers.


The entire system was managed by a Peavey Media Matrix system, fitted with Dante networking.
This substantially reduced the cabling complexity from the processing to the amplifiers, as all devices, including the non-DSP amplifiers, could be connected direct to the Dante network.

Blake concluded:

“Everything worked like a dream, and the event was a great success, plus the invited audience now have had a taste of a thoroughly tested top class audio system!”

The tiered seating in the 800 capacity theatre boasted a cutting edge networked audio system capable of catering for corporate work as easily as music or performance events.


Have a look at their website here or contact us if you need more information.


  • Rod says:

    Not happy about this. Hills is a distributor, not a contractor. It should stick to distribution and supporting the industry.

    • waring says:

      Hi Rod – just to confirm – Hills did not replace the system that was in there – they used the theatre for two days of demo and then the gear came out again.

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