EDA Royal Theatre Taiwan

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edt_theatre_exteriorThe EDA Royal Theatre is located within the EDA Theme Park in Taiwan’s second largest city, Kaohsiung.  It is owned by Taiwanese industrial giants E United Group, as part of their real estate portfolio, which sits alongside their vast investments in the manufacturing, education and health sectors.

The EDA Royal Theatre has a grandiose façade, complete with dramatic ionic pillars, which is in keeping with the Classical and Mythological Greek theme of the park itself.  Within the park, visitors often find themselves turning corners to be confronted by creatures such as a 15 metre high Cyclops or a Trojan horse!

The Theatre was originally built in 2009, but MC2 Audio’s exclusive Taiwanese Distributor, Super Light Technology Co Ltd, only became involved in the project in 2011.  Super Light was called in to rectify the problems of a previously installed system which failed to satisfy the demanding and dramatic performance needs of the theatre.

edt_theatre_ampsFor the main audio system, the theatre owner specified use of a matching brand and amplifier system, choosing to go with a d&b setup.  There was no such specification for the front-fill, under balcony delay and stage monitor speakers, so Super Light selected MC2 Audio E and T series amplifiers for the job.

General Manager at Super Light, Mr Chung-Jen Chien said, “We installed four sets of T1500 and one E4-75, controlled by the Ti1048 speaker management system.”  He continued, “I was amazed with the powerful sound quality of the MC2 Audio equipment.  It left my team with a phenomenal impression of their products”

Group Sales and Marketing Director of MC2 Audio, Bill Woods, said, “Super Light  have selected a system which is not only capable of enhancing the dramatic experience with its power, but also providing the subtlety and natural reproduction of the spoken word”