Club Octagon Seoul

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club-octagon-balconyClubbers in Seoul, South Korea are now able to immerse themselves (quite literally) in the latest five star experience – a nightclub featuring a bespoke sound system complete with state of the art MC2 Audio amplification, Funktion One speakers – and a swimming pool!  No your eyes don’t deceive you – there really is a swimming pool there… right by the DJ booth – even though it’s not clear if there are any changing rooms!

Club Octagon opened its doors to the public in November 2011.  Situated in the Nonhyeon-dong ward of Gangnam-gu in the basement of the Hilltop Hotel, the venue is based on an octagonal theme.  Installation company Urbantainer designed the entire space, fixtures and details following the eight-sided motif.  The futuristic design guidelines use only angles of 45, 90 and 135 degrees throughout the entire venue, pairing perfectly with the Funktion One sound system and its famous minimalist, industrial design.

The main dancefloor comprises four Funktion One Dance Stack loudspeakers set up in a perfect square, with the sound waves all meeting in the middle.  It is designed to respect order, geometry and proper alignment.  The whole installation is powered by a total of 53 x MC2 Audio amplifiers, all supplied by MC2 Audio’s Korean distributor Soundus Corporation.

“Throughout the whole club we used 13 x E15, 3 x E25, 17 x E45, 1 x E4-75, 7 x E90 and 12 x T1000,” said Soundus’ Jongsub Kwon. “Our engineers and customers continue to be delighted with the audio quality and reliability that MC2 Audio delivers” he continued.

Sales and Marketing Director for MC2 Audio, Bill Woods, added, “The guys at Soundus have done it again!  Matching Funktion One speakers with MC2Audio amplification is a winning combination and this fabulous club is a true testament to that!  But the thing that most impresses everyone is the swimming pool – that’s when the sound really washes over you!”