Après Ski like never before with 54kW of MC2 in Austrian Alps

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– August 2017 – Established as a popular après ski destination in the Austrian Alpine ski resort of , the K1 night club decided it was time to improve the clubbing experience for the increasing number of young, up-for-it ski parties that have been visiting the resort and expecting more than beer and fondue into the early hours.  They turned to K24 Technik and Vertrieb GmbH to help with the installation, an Austrian company with proven audio experience recently including the Electric Love festival in Salzburg, the Red Bull Air Race, and McArthurGlen Designer Outlet in Parndorf near Vienna.

Johannes Stummer of K24 described the need to make sure this installation performed to a very high standard, and could function reliably for long period (the club has a 4am closing time all season!) – “We needed to use the best amplification and processing, and so MC2 amps were the obvious choice from our line-up.”
Considering the club has a relatively modest capacity of around 400, the specification of a total of 54kW of amplifiers might seem excessive to some, but Johannes was quick to explain the reasons behind this hugely  powerful system.

“Clubbing now has so much branding associated with it, and a lot of that is either drink-related, or sound system-related and these brands can really make a difference to the popularity of a venue.  When it comes to combining visual impact with high quality sound, we would always think of DAS Sound Force dance systems, and they need to be partnered with only the highest quality amplifiers.”

Johannes Stummer of K24 and Jack Palacio from DAS Audio on the Sound Force stack…

With a combination of E90 Class D amps to drive the subs and LF of the Sound Force system, and T Series class AB for the mid-high sections, the total power output comes to just under 50kW for bass and just under 5kW for mid-high sections of the main stack.  Smaller DAS full range fills were powered using existing less critical older amplifier stock.  The main system was controlled using XTA processing  – the DP548 Dynamic Audio Management.

Each E90 is capable of over 16kW of power into 2 Ohms to take control of subs and bass with the utmost precision.

Throughout the season the venue can expect to be filled day from late morning until the early hours with the “club” elements coming into their own at night, and with the new system becoming a talking point and selfie point for many revellers.

Attracting the crowds each night K1 is ready…


…and it starts early in the Alps!

“The club will have to be more careful now – with that much quality bass available, they won’t want to trigger any avalanches!”

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