iCore Software

iCore is the software at the heart of all Ti Series components.  It opens up the power of the system by allowing all amplifiers to be configured in a host of ways and properties adjusted to allow them to work the way you need.

Download the Latest Version Here – Download iCore free of charge and see how it works – everything can be configured off-line and without any devices being connected.
All Ti Series amplifiers and breakout boxes are automatically located on the RS485 network – no need to set IDs or baud rates*
Amplifier properties include power on delay time (used to set up power sequencing when the system comes out of standby or is powered up cold – no need for any external power switcher!), operating mode (bridge/stereo/mono), VCA gains, mutes, and a system wide solo function.  They can also be placed in a low power standby mode (consuming < 5Watts) but still under command on the network.
Load monitoring is also accessible with the amplifiers being able to “learn” a normal connected load and a window of allowed deviation.  Should the load go outside of this window, local (GPO and isolated relay) and remote indication can be enabled to warn of this condition.  The GP input can also be programmed in a variety of ways to operate as a standby line, mute line, or an analogue input for the VCAs, amongst other modes.


All amp channels and devices can be named (this, along with all config. data and system wide security data, is stored in each amp) and system setup time can be greatly reduced by using the intelligent copy and paste facilities.
Amps real-time feedback of their temperatures, output voltage and current measurements, and device info such as detailed “up-time” and number of power cycles.
Breakout boxes offer control of their output levels and mutes, but their primary reason for appearing on the network is to allow them to be programmed with the details of rest of the network universe.  All breakouts receive this information and any one can be made an “off-line” master to watch over all other amplifiers and breakout boxes and report errors via GPI lines.
iCore is also required to configure Ti1048 audio installation processors, adjusting all EQ, mixing, delays, limiters etc., and setting up the clock, calendar and automated preset recall features.


Again, the intelligent copy and past facilities greatly speed up this process, and settings can be copied from one device to another on a channel-by- channel or unit-by-unit basis.


Apart from the control and monitoring of individual devices on the network, iCore has other sophisticated features to adapt it to your requirements.  Parameter linking can be set up to link any compatible parameter on any device across the entire network.  This allows, for example, the gain control of a parametric band on one Ti1048 (or any compatible xta processor) to be linked so they all adjust together.  Similarly, the mute on one amplifier can be linked to others to allow “zones” to be set up.
Custom panels can also be designed and populated with any number of controls, including personalised images.  The controls can be linked to any individual parameter, or linked control, or can recall system wide snapshots to reconfigure the entire system at the touch of a button.


Keeping the system secure has not been overlooked –multiple users may be defined, each with their own set of permissions, and this information is stored in every device on the network so access cannot be granted from another computer, and any new devices on a secured network will be detected and flagged.
Finally, firmware updates as well as software updates, will be downloaded automatically and any connected devices with out of date firmware will be flagged, and can be updated without physical disconnection from the network**.
Download the software free of charge and see how it works  – everything can be configured off-line and without any devices being connected.
*The Ti-1048 must have a baud rate set and ID chosen as it can be used as a comms hub to interface the USB connection with the RS485 network.  It can also work directly on the RS485 network if required.
**Network devices may remain connected but firmware may only be updated in one device at a time, with others being powered down.


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