Nurse – Amplifiers Please!

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Following on from their successful collaboration with Chang Gung University in 2009, MC2 Audio distributor for Taiwan, Super Light Technology was appointed to supply and install a wide range of audio and audio visual products at the associated organisation, Chang Gung Medical Foundation, Chiayi branch. Chang Gung Medical Foundation was established by Taiwanese Business God, Mr. Yung-Ching Wang as part of the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. The Chiayi branch project encompassed a 500-person International Conference Hall and a 200-person Performance Hall.

chang_gung_mc_lecture_theatreThe main purpose of the International Conference Hall is to provide a space for education, training and seminars and for this use the project required a comprehensive package of audio amplification, a conference system with interpreter, stage lighting, curtaining, rigging, an integration system and most importantly, a video communication system, which enables two-way video communication between the medical building and the hospital operating theatre.

Once again Super Light Technology chose to partner the McCauley speakers with MC2 Audio amplification. Two E45s, one T2000 and two T1500s drive two McCauley ID4.212-96 main speakers, one ID2.208-66 centre speaker and four ID1.108-66 auxiliary speakers. Other elements in the audio system were provided by LA Audio, One Systems and FBT. Audio visual components, including a Bosch conference interpreter system, were supplied by Christie, Extron, Panasonic and AMX.

The smaller, 200-seat Performance Hall is the venue for both seminars and staff club activities. Here the audio system includes a 5.1 DTS surround cinema system, powered by one MC2 Audio E25, one T1500 and three T4-250 four-channel amps. The loudspeaker circuit management is through Symetrix Express 8×8 matrix processor and the integration system is via AMX.

chang_gung_amp_rackMr. Chien of Super Light Technology explained: ‘Speech is an important factor for the International Conference Hall, so it has been equipped with 220 individual delegate units. The owners had told us that, in previous experiences, they had found feedback and intelligibility to be a serious problem. We explained to them confidently that MC2 Audio amplifiers have class A/B features and excellent frequency response for driving McCauley ID4.212-96 main speakers and ID1.108-66 auxiliary speakers at each side, which would solve this problem. After the system had been installed and adjusted, the test was to go around the hall with a wireless microphone and we encouraged the owner to test any delegate unit microphone in the seat area. All is perfect, without any feedback problem and the owner is highly satisfied with the excellent intelligibility.’

In conclusion, Mr. Chien adds: ‘We are very pleased that the Super Light Technology commitment to supplying high-quality equipment, coupled with our professional technique, is rewarded by the approval and satisfaction of our customers.’